5 Ways to Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets are annoying. It’s not fair when you get stopped for running a red light, but the car next to you doesn’t. Your argument before the York County traffic court judge wasn’t convincing enough, so you have to pay the cost of the ticket. To avoid getting another one, try these tips.

  1. Slow Down when You See Patrol Cars

Patrol cars could be lurking anywhere. Most of the time they are waiting in parking lots or in-between two lanes of traffic in the center divider. Cop cars could be driving ahead of you or behind you. When you spot them, slow down. If you aren’t sure what the speed limit is, try 45 mph on a good-flowing roadway. If you are in the city, you should try 25 mph. These speeds are safe driving zones, which shouldn’t attract the attention of the patrol car and prevent you from ending up in a York County traffic court.

  1. At Stop Signs, Come to a Complete Stop

Stop signs require drivers to stop. Some drivers may only slow down and enter the intersection without fully stopping. This is risky, but on a familiar road, it isn’t uncommon. Cops may be waiting on one of the intersecting roads waiting for you to glide into the intersection without stopping. You could end up in a York County traffic court. The best way to avoid this is to slam on the brakes and stop. Wait a second and then enter the intersection. The cop will have to wait for another driver to miss the stop sign.

  1. Speed Up or Slow Down when the Traffic Light Turns Yellow

When an upcoming traffic light turns yellow, it’s up to the driver to determine if they can cross the intersection safely. This depends on how far from the traffic light you are. If you are close, you can make it through. If you are far, you should stop. The in-between distances are the tricky situations. If you are a safe driver, you will probably slow down every time. If you aren’t a safe driver, you will speed up. To avoid getting caught by the police for running a red light, don’t cross the intersection. Slam on the brakes when you see them. With enough luck, you won’t get a summons to appear before a York County traffic court.

  1. Instead of Making a U-Turn, Turn into a Parking Lot

If you are driving down the wrong street, avoid making an illegal U-turn. This will guarantee a ticket and appearance before a York County traffic court judge. It might lead to an accident and you will need a traffic court lawyer</a> to represent you in a York County traffic court. Instead, turn into a parking lot and return back to the street. Turn the opposite way from the parking lot. This way, you avoid making an illegal U-turn.

  1. Use Cruise Control to Maintain Speed

Avoid speeding by maintaining a constant speed with cruise control. This feature will prevent the car from slowing down, but it also prevents you from speeding up. With this feature activated, there’s no way that you will get a speeding ticket.

You can avoid getting a summons to appear before a York County traffic court drifting into another lane by activating the driver-assist or lane departure warning system. This will warn you that you are drifting into the next lane, which could lead to an accident.

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