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Traffic Ticket Lawyers for Speeding Tickets & Minor Violations

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Traffic Ticket Attorney Near Me

Traffic Violation Attorneys Rock Hill SC

Whether it is a “just” an SC traffic ticket for speeding or a felony DUI in South Carolina, speak with an attorney before you pay it or go to court on your own. Every court is unique and has its own culture, and you need somebody who is familiar with them to advise you. There is no consultation fee to speak with us about a traffic ticket.

SC Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you should find yourself pulled over for a speeding ticket in SC contact the Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn, LLC, to discuss the situation before you pay it. There will be negative consequences to paying a ticket, sometimes devastating ones. Talk with a lawyer before you pay the ticket.

Chester County DUI Lawyer

Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense in SC. The courts treat it seriously, and so should you. The South Carolina DUI law is complicated and technical. If you should find yourself facing a charge contact a Chester County DUI lawyer immediately. Your ability to drive is going to be negatively impacted, maybe for a long time. Let the Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn, LLC advise and guide you through this stormy season.

Traffic Violation Attorneys for Accidents

Often times the police officers in South Carolina, especially the troopers of the Highway Patrol, will write an SC traffic ticket when they are called out to an accident scene. If you find yourself in this situation, call the Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn, LLC to assist you.