Criminality and TV

There’s lots of shows about crime. In fact, some of the most popular shows involve the criminal justice system. You can learn a lot about it by watching Law and Order and CSI There are several versions of these series that take place in different cities. It combines law enforcement, investigations, and the courts. There are other shows that focus on crime including Elementary and Hawaii 5-0. One day, you might be living the stories in these shows and need the assistance of a York County public defender. Here more information about these shows.

Law and Order

Law and Order was the longest running TV series in America with 20 seasons. Only one other show produced as many shows and that was Gunsmoke. Law and Order premiered in 1990 and it was canceled in 2010. There were several spin-offs including Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Law and Order: Los Angeles, and Law and Order: Trial by Jury. It certainly puts the legal system in the home’s of viewers and the York County public defender may be more accessible as a result.

These shows were adapted for foreign markets including France, Britain, and Russia.


CSI stands for crime scene investigation. This show was as popular as Law and Order, if not more. It ran for 15 seasons. There were several spin-offs including CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and CSI: Cyber. The original was set in Las Vegas. CSI is accused of raising the expectations of forensic science and DNA testing in the mind’s of juries. This could unfairly bias the jury. The show is also accused of giving an inaccurate impression of how police solve crimes. However, you can still count on the York County public defender to give you legal advice. Here’s tips on avoiding a car accident.


This show is a crime-solving series with a fresh take on the fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson. Watson is a female character in this show. If these two are investigating you, it’s probably time to contact a York County public defender. It is set in New York. There are five seasons so far. A sixth season is expected. Elementary is broadcasted in the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.K.

Hawaii 5-0

This is a re-make of the popular 70’s cop show Hawaii 5-0. The same characters are used, along with one or two new characters. The cops stop crime in Hawaii. When this team of cops chase you, you better run all the way to a York County public defender. In fact, you might need a criminal lawyer. This show’s been on the air for seven seasons and an eight season is expected. Hawaii 5-0 is broadcasted in several countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., and South Africa.