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5 Unexpected Events to Prepare for


In life, there are events that occur randomly. You will be unprepared for them. But if you learn about them, you might have a chance of surviving the encounter. A York County lawyer can help you take legal action. The following list contains five events that most people are unprepared for.

  1. You Find a Dead Body

Life ends in death. Everyone dies. If you find a dead body, the first thing to do is call 911. They will send an ambulance to take the body away. A police officer might arrive as well. They will ask you questions. Tell them how you found the body.

If you are related to the person that died, you might have to arrange the burial or cremation. You can contact people that are related to the deceased as well.

If you aren’t related to the person, then the police will investigate. You might need a York County lawyer if you were involved in the death.

  1. A Flash Flood Suddenly Forms

If a flash flood forms suddenly, the best thing to do is go back the way you came. A York County lawyer won’t be able to help you. Avoid driving through the flooded road. It will be deeper than you expect it to be, and you might drown. Flash floods move quickly.

The difference between a regular flood and a flash flood is the amount of time that an area is flooded. If the flooding lasts less than six hours, it is considered a flash flood.

  1. Someone Starts a Gun Fight

If someone tries to rob a store with a gun and you are a customer waiting in line, the best thing to do is get out of the store. Avoid staying in the vicinity of the gun. It’s better to leave the building than stay inside. Don’t wait for the police to arrive, just leave. The chances of getting shot increase the longer that you are near the person with the gun. If you aren’t near the person with the gun, then there’s a zero percent chance that you will get shot. However, it will be risky moving in the store when the gunmen is robbing it, but their attention will be on the clerk and the money, not on you. A York County lawyer might contact you for information if the gunmen is arrested and held for trial.

  1. A Car Crashes into Your Car

If a car crashes into your car, there are a few things you need to do. Find out who crashed into your car. Get their insurance information. If they don’t give it, call 911. The police can get the information for you. The next thing you need to do is report the accident to your insurance company and arrange for repairs. You might need the services of a York County lawyer.

  1. A Stampede Occurs at a Horse Race

When a stampede occurs at a horse race, the best thing to do is wait until all the horses crash somewhere. If you try to leave the race, you might get trampled over by other people trying to escape. You could also run into the horses that are stampeding. The only time you should start running is when the horses are moving in your direction. Get out of the way as fast as possible. If you get hurt, you might be entitled to compensation. A York County lawyer can help you take legal action.