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5 Weather-Related Incidents to Avoid


There are several weather-related disasters that can ruin your day. Try to avoid them. If you don’t, you might need the assistance of a York County attorney to collect insurance claims. Here’s five weather-related incidents to avoid.

  1. Funnel Cloud Attracts Attention

Don’t get distracted by a funnel cloud. Its shape will attract everyone’s attention. While everyone is looking at the funnel cloud, a thief might steal a laptop. If you see this happening, the best thing to do is shout. By alerting everyone to the presence of the thief, there’s a good chance that someone will catch him or her.

A funnel cloud becomes a tornado if it touches the ground. One type of funnel cloud that forms is called a cold-air funnel cloud. This type of funnel cloud doesn’t last that long, and it is weaker than funnel clouds formed from supercells. The short life span of the funnel cloud, makes it the perfect distraction for criminals. A group of people can be directed to watch the funnel cloud for a few minutes. During this time, a thief can steal something. Victims of such crimes require a York County attorney. Cold-air funnels usually form along cold fronts.

  1. Power Outage Inactivates Security System

When the power goes out, the security system is inactivated in most buildings. One way to avoid this is by installing a generator. A generator will power the building until the electricity returns. If the building doesn’t have a generator, and a crime is committed during a power outage, the people that were victimized might have a legitimate complaint against the owner of the building. A York County attorney can help you take legal action action against them for not installing a generator.

  1. Flooding Destroys Property

If there’s a flood, most of the property in the town will get damaged. Flood insurance provides protection for most buildings. If you have a home or business in a flood-prone area, it’s a good idea to buy flood insurance. After a flood, you can file a claim with the insurance company. In most cases, they will cover the damages. If the insurance company doesn’t pay, a York County attorney can help you take legal action against the insurance company. With some luck, you might win a settlement in court.

  1. Gust of Wind Destroys Windows

A gust of wind can destroy windows. This is common during a hurricane or tornado. To avoid shattered glass flying everywhere, nail wooden boards over the windows. This will protect the window from high-speed winds and flying debris. If a store owner decides not to cover the windows with wooden boards, her or she may be liable for injuries caused by flying glass. if this is the case, you can contact a York County attorney and file a lawsuit.

  1. Gust of Wind Blows Over Lawn Mower

Windy conditions can be dangerous to work in. If you are mowing the lawn on a rideable lawn mower and it tips over during a storm, your employer might be responsible for the injuries that you suffer. The employer’s decision to allow you to work during stormy conditions might be enough for a judge to hold him or her accountable. A York County attorney can help you take legal action against the employer.