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5 Things that Might Go Wrong During Tea Time


Afternoon tea is a tradition that originated in England during the 1840s. The wealthy social classes were the first to eat a light meal between 3:30 PM and 5 PM. A cup of tea is usually served as well. Tea is also served between the hours of 5PM and 7PM. This is called high tea. High tea is commonly eaten by the working class.

Today, many people enjoy a cup of tea during these hours. If there are invited guests in the home, tea time might be more interesting. In fact, the meeting could generate news. The following list contains five outcomes that could occur while attending afternoon or evening tea.

  1. The Wrong Food is Served

If the wrong food is served, there could be problems. The guests may notice that the typical tea foods and drinks aren’t served. This would ruin their reputation among other tea servers. Serving the wrong food will also ruin the dining experience for the guests. They won’t be able to enjoy the time, and they may leave quickly and get a speeding ticket. They may need to contact a lawyer for traffic violations.

The traditional afternoon tea meal consists of cucumber sandwiches, egg and cress sandwiches, bread and butter, scones, cream, jam, cakes, and pastries. The crusts are removed from the sandwiches, and the sandwiches are cut into small triangles.

High tea consists of a hot dish, cakes, bread, butter, and jam. Cold cuts were once served but are no longer.

  1. Loud Crowds Outside Ruin the Peaceful Ambiance

Tea time is usually quiet and calm. This setting can be ruined by noisy cars driven by drivers that need lawyers for traffic violations. Unruly teenagers shout and yell. The guests might remember the experience and select another place to go for tea time.

Loud noises affect mood and appetite. Loud noises cause hearing impairment, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, sleep disturbance, and changes in the immune system.

Firecrackers are especially bothersome. They are extremely loud and repeat. If there are noise-traumatized individuals in the room, they could be affected more than others. Firecrackers sound similar to gunfire. This adds to the emotional trauma of noise.

  1. You Accidentally Insult the Host

Tea time is the perfect opportunity to get to know someone. You can ask questions or offer information about yourself. As you get more comfortable, you might say something out of turn. It might seem normal to you, but it might insult the host. You could also say something that is socially unacceptable, especially if there are other people at the table. These accidental insults might impart a negative view of you and it could lead to unforeseen consequences. Bad luck is one. You might get a speeding ticket and require the services of a lawyer for traffic violations.

  1. You Purposefully Insult the Host

Another outcome during tea time is an argument. You might begin the conversation talking about current events or history, but by the end of the conversation, you will insult the host. You might even curse. If you have a business arrangement with the host, it will most likely end after tea time. You might also get a speeding ticket after leaving and require a lawyer for traffic violations.

  1. A Fight Breaks Out

The worst thing that can happen at tea time is a fight. People will get hurt, and the furniture will get damaged. The guests might run out of the house and speed away in a car. They might get a traffic ticket and require a lawyer for traffic violations.