Typical Traffic Laws Broken in Movies

Car movies are awesome to watch. There’s lot of exciting sequences and spectacular crashes. Most of the time these cars are breaking traffic laws. In fact, most of the drivers in movies will need an attorney for traffic violations. Here’s a list of traffic laws broken in an average car movie.

  1. Speeding

All car movies break the speed limit. The drivers are usually getting away from cops or rivals. In the Italian Job, cars speed through city streets while hijacking armored trucks. In the Matrix: Reloaded, cars speed on highways while avoiding gunfire. The drivers in Death Race aren’t concerned about the speed limit; they are concerned about death. There’s several car chases in Ronin. The cars in this movie were speeding at 120 mph.

Need for Speed is another car movie that breaks the speed limit. The name of the movie indicates how fast the cars in this movie are going. The characters in Need for Speed definitely like adrenaline. They take part in a cross-country race while being chased by the police. They would need an attorney for traffic violations.

  1. Street Racing

Street racing is illegal in most states, but that doesn’t stop people from taking part in a race. Several movies are about street racing. Fast and the Furious is the perfect example. It is about a group of street racers that race cars. They also hijack trucks containing electronics. The franchise progresses to various cities with new characters and interesting stories that are built around the street racing concept.

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift takes place in Japan and involves races between a new student at a new school and a rival. The street racing is perfectly blended in with the high school setting. There are several scenes of drifting, which involves turning while braking. The wheels lock and the cars skid while moving forward. These kids will definitely need an attorney for traffic violations.

  1. Driving the Wrong Way

You will need an attorney for traffic violations if you drive the wrong way on the road. These movie characters don’t have that problem. In Matrix: Reloaded, there’s a scene where a motorcycle is driven the opposite way on a multi-lane highway. It’s intense. If you have to drive the wrong way on a highway, it may be time to hire an attorney.

  1. Hit and Run

In The Rock, there’s a car chase that destroys lots of vehicles and property. A hummer is used to navigate through the streets of San Francisco. It crashes into several cars, but keeps going. This is a crime and the driver would need an attorney for traffic violations. A yellow Ferrari is also used in this movie. It crashes through buildings and parking meters. Ultimately, it is crushed by a trolley; the hummer got away.

In Fast Five, the final scene features a vault being dragged by two cars. It is also protected by two other cars. As they escort the vault through the city, they smash through several cars and concrete barriers. The drivers would need to hire an attorney for traffic violations.

  1. Running red lights and stop signs

Several movies have scenes where the driver runs a red light or stop sign. One of the most memorable takes place in No Country for Old Men. Near the end of this movie, the hit man is driving a car through a quiet neighborhood. He is hit by another car that ran a stop sign. The driver that hit him would need the services of an attorney for traffic violations since he didn’t stop at the stop sign.