5 Routes to Drive in South Carolina

There are three regions in South Carolina – the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Piedmont. You can drive through South Carolina and see all the natural wonders of the state. Here’s five driving route to take. Try not to get a traffic ticket in South Carolina.

  1. Drive Northeast on the I-20 from Augusta

Start on the southern boarder of South Carolina near Augusta. I-20 takes you toward Columbia. You will pass through the Laurel Lakes and Camp Long. Near highway 178, there’s a community park you can stop at. It’s called Gilbert Community Park. Continue on the highway and you will cross the Saluda River. Columbia is a few minutes away. You will have to take I-126 to reach the city. I-20 continues north of the city, crossing the Broad River. A little further you will arrive at the Sesquicentennial State Park. There’s a Walmart SuperCenter nearby. Stop here to rest before you get a traffic ticket in South Carolina. It’s rare to get a ticket, but it’s rarer to see a car movie that adheres to traffic laws.

  1. I-95 Through Lake Marion

Another interesting drive will take you through the state on I-95. Start at the border with North Carolina. You will cross over the Great Pee Dee River, which flows to the Great Pee Dee River Heritage Preserve Wildlife. At the I-208 intersection, there’s a Walmart SuperCenter. You can stop here and rest to avoid getting a traffic ticket in South Carolina. Continue on I-95 to route 53. Nearby is the Longleaf Pine Heritage Preserve and Wildlife and Woods Bay State Park. There’s another Walmart SuperCenter near route 261. You can avoid getting a traffic ticket in South Carolina for drifting into another lane by stopping here and resting. You will soon arrive at Lake Marion. Stop by and fish.

  1. Northwest on the I-26

From Charleston, take I-26. It will take you northwest. You will pass through 1-95. Near route 176, there’s a national park named Congaree. Continue on 1-26 through the city of Columbia. On the other side is Lake Murray. Continue all the way to Spartanburg and the waters of Broken Arrow. The state border is just a few miles away. Avoid speeding so that you don’t get a traffic ticket in South Carolina.

  1. Southwest on I-85 to Tyger Lake

Another route to take starts at Blacksburg. Take I-85 southwest. You will cross the Broad River. Soon you will arrive at the Gaffney Outlet Marketplace. Keep going on I-85 until you reach the Pacolet River. This is a winding river that intersects with Cannons Campground Rd. Continue on I-85 around the campus of the University of South Carolina. Keep going until you reach Tyger Lake. Avoid traffic tickets in South Carolina by adhering to the speed limit.

  1. North on I-77 from Columbia

One more route to take is I-77 from Columbia. Go north. There’s a golf club. Further north, there’s a Walmart SuperCenter. If you keep driving, there’s a high school stadium. When you reach Blythewood Rd., you will see another golf course. This one is called Cobblestone Park Golf Club. The goal is to make it to Lake Waterree State Park. It’s a few miles east of the interstate at State Rd. S-20-41. Connect with White Oak Church Rd. Then connect to State Rd. S-20-317. This will lead to State Rd. S-20-101. The state park is there. It’s impossible to get a traffic ticket in South Carolina if you follow the road rules. But if you do, have a lawyer represent you in court.