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Driving in Traffic – An Adventure


Traffic consists of cars. The cars might be speeding on the highway or driving slowly in the city. There’s one way to make it to the destination – with a tank full of gas and a positive outlook.

Meet the Interesting People Driving By

The cars in the adjacent lane are full of interesting people. The traffic lawyers near me might be in one of the cars. You can look over and see who’s in there. Usually, they are sitting and looking ahead. There are different types of people in the cars. Some are dressed professionally and might be the traffic lawyers near me, while others are dressed casually. Some are big and others are small. There might be old people and young people.

Sometimes, they might look at you. You can smile at them or wave. You could communicate with them by writing on a piece of paper or displaying text on a smartphone. If they don’t respond to your attempts, you can drive away.

Changing Lanes is Similar to Time Traveling

When it’s time to change lanes, look at the side mirrors. If there aren’t any cars in the lane, merge into it. The new lane will guide you forward. While driving in it, you might get bored. The solution is to change to another lane. Check your mirrors again and merge. You can repeat this several more times until a car honks their horn at you. There might be traffic lawyers near me.

It’s Time to Exit

Before a car runs you off the road, find your exit. Check the signs. When you have a couple miles to go before you reach the exit, merge into the exit lane. Slow down and drive onto the off-ramp. It will take you to your destination. You might find traffic lawyers near me.