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Football Games and Tornadoes Could Increase Traffic


The likelihood of a tornado hitting you on the highway while you are driving to a football game is very, very rare. Your chances increase if you are driving between the hours of 3PM and 9PM. Most tornadoes form during this time and most college and professional football games take place during this time. If you drive through Tornado Alley, your chances increase even more. This is a stretch of land in the mid-west where tornadoes are common. Tornadoes are so common there, you could use it as an excuse when you get a speeding ticket. You could avoid the cost of a traffic lawyer.

Driving Through a Tornado is Very Dangerous

A tornado can produce winds up to 300 miles per hour. The path of destruction can be as wide as 50 miles and a mile long. The most intense tornadoes are classified as EF5. This classification is for tornadoes with wind speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

Each year, 80 people die from a tornado and 1,500 people are injured. Large hail usually fall when tornadoes form. A tornado is extremely loud; it is as intense as the sound of a freight train. A tornado will completely destroy houses. Flying tree branches can injure or kill people. You could speed away in a car without getting a traffic ticket and you won’t need to worry about the cost of a traffic lawyer.

Game Day Could Leave Thousands in the Path of a Tornado

Most football games have a bottle neck problem. Lots of people drive to the stadium, but there’s only one or two roads into and out of the area. This will cause traffic jams. People that are driving to other places will have to endure the extra traffic. It could be bumper to bumper traffic for miles. You might get a traffic ticket if you break traffic laws, and you might have to pay the cost of a traffic lawyer to represent you in court.

Stay in the Car

The safest place to be when a tornado forms is in the car. Park it somewhere and duck. Don’t worry about getting a traffic ticket or the cost of a traffic lawyer. Stay below the level of the window. Protect your head with your arms and a blanket or coat. Most tornadoes dissipate within an hour. If you can ride out the tornado in one place then do so.

A tornado will stop most people from driving in the direction of the tornado. As more people stop on the road, the flow of traffic will decrease. Road closures will also increase local traffic.  Stay in the car and ride out the tornado.

Start Moving if the Tornado Approaches

If the tornado is moving in your direction and there’s some place to drive to that is out of the path of the tornado, start driving in that direction. It’s the best way to avoid injuries and death. Don’t worry about getting a traffic ticket or the cost of a traffic lawyer.