4 Ways to Speed

Speeding isn’t recommended, but there are ways to drive really fast without getting caught by the cops. These tips could put traffic court lawyers out of business. You could drive really fast on a highway at night when no one else is driving. You could have friends block off intersections so that there isn’t an accident. There are more ways to drive really fast. Here they are.

  1. Go to a Race Track

On a race track, you can step on the acceleration as hard as you want and drive as fast as you want. The race track is a circle, so you can drive around until you run out of gas. Some race tracks let you rent high-speed cars that only professional race car drivers have access to. When you get in one of these cars, be prepared for the ride of your life. You can’t get a speeding ticket here and you won’t need to hire a traffic court lawyer.

  1. Go to an Interstate at Night

If you like highways, then pick one late at night or early morning. The highways are usually deserted at these times, and you can drive as fast as you want. You’ll be free to drive in South Carolina or any other state. If cops are around, you might get a ticket for speeding. If this happens, you may need a traffic court lawyer.

  1. Drive on a Deserted, Snow Covered Street

One of the best ways to drift on a road is to drive on it after it snows. A snow-covered road is easy to drift on and it’s fun. While everyone else is going slow, step on the gas and speed on the snow-covered roads. The best roads are wide-lane roads. These roads have plenty of room for you to drift, so you won’t hit the curb or any parked cars. Look out for cops though, they could give you a ticket. Then you will have to hire a traffic court lawyer.

  1. Go to Private Property

One more place you can drive really fast is on private property. If you have rich friends with large estates, you can drive on their roads or fields. There won’t be any restrictions and you can’t get a speeding ticket either. If you drive on their fields, you might ruin the field. This is just a warning. Also, be ready for cops that are waiting for you when you leave the estate. They could be waiting to give you a ticket. Again, you might need a traffic court lawyer to appeal the ticket.