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The Roads Meet the Wilderness


To get the resources of the wilderness, roads have to be built. This involves cutting down trees and paving the ground. Using the wilderness as space for new housing and commercial development also requires roads.

Road Construction in Uncharted Territories

There are two types of roads that are built in forested areas – all-season roads and seasonal roads. You could get a ticket on these roads and require the services of the traffic court lawyer near me.

All-season roads are designed for year-round use, while seasonal roads are used during a certain period, such as the dry season or the wet season. Seasonal roads are also designed for the frozen season. Seasonal roads are built to lower engineering standards and the surface is constructed with the least amount of materials possible. All-season roads and seasonal roads are permanent roads. They are built for long-term use. You could get a ticket for speeding on these roads once they are completed, and you might need the services of the traffic court lawyer near me.

Temporary roads are used in the short-term to complete a project. These roads are minimalist, usually consisting of a single lane. These roads are suited for dry or frozen conditions. It’s unlikely that you would get a traffic ticket on a temporary road, but if you do and want to contest it in court, you will need the traffic court lawyer near me to represent you.

There are guidelines for building roads without negatively affecting the wildlife and wetlands. This is useful in areas with steep slopes and erodible soils. Areas with streams and rivers benefit from such guidelines as well. The normal movements of water through an area shouldn’t be affected by new road construction.

Deforestation is the Norm

By 2030, only 10% of the world’s mature tropical forests will remain intact on Earth. Current estimates indicate that half of the world’s mature tropical forests (2.9 to 3 million square miles) have already been destroyed. Along with the forest, hundreds of thousands of species will go extinct.

Other Options for a Rapidly Growing Species

Trees are used to make paper. An alternative is tree-free paper. This type of paper isn’t made from trees. It is made from agricultural residues such as sugarcane bagasse, straw, and husks. It is also made from fiber crops and wild plants including jute, hemp, and bamboo. Tree-free paper can also be made from textiles and cordage wastes.

If humanity needs more space, they can build upward toward space or expand in areas that are already bare. Underground construction is another option. There might be underground cities in the future with subterranean roads. You might get a ticket driving a car in a tunnel and require the services of the traffic court lawyer near me. Even if you don’t need the services of the traffic court lawyer near me, it’s good to stay in contact with one while driving on the roads of the future.