Driving Destinations in South Carolina

If you like road trips, head to South Carolina. There are several attractions to see. The state is divided into three regions. Each one is unique. See what each one has to offer. But avoid getting a speeding ticket in SC. You may need to hire a traffic court lawyer.

  1. Port Towns – Georgetown and Charleston

The cities of Georgetown and Charleston are on the coastline. Georgetown is located on Winyah Bay. Several rivers merge here including Wacamaw, Sampit, Black, and the Great Pee Dee River. Georgetown is the second largest port in South Carolina. It transports 960,000 tons of goods each year. The river is a vital mode of transportation. You won’t get a speeding ticket in SC traveling on the river.

Charleston is located at the midpoint of the state’s coastline in Charleston Harbor. It’s worth a visit.

  1. Woods Bay State Park

This park is located in Olanta. You can reach it by getting off I-95 at highway 378. Head east and turn onto route 301. Head north. Don’t speed. You might get a speeding ticket in SC. The park is home to large Carolina Bays, which are elliptical depressions. These natural formations contain diverse wildlife. You can find tree frogs, egrets, raccoons, and dragonflies here.

  1. The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway (SC 11)

This route is located in the northwestern part of the state. It runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can reach it by taking I-85 near the South Carolina Welcome Center. Drive slowly to enjoy the scenery. Driving slowly will also prevent you from getting a speeding ticket in SC. However, if you are curious about driving fast, here’s speeding tips. This highway has historical significance. It was part of the Cherokee Path, which was used by Cherokee Indians, English fur traders, and French fur traders.