Odd Places to Get Pulled Over in South Carolina

The Carolina Bays are unusual geological features that are unique to this region. It would be odd if you get a speeding ticket in South Carolina while exploring the bays. It would be even odder if you have to hire a traffic court lawyer. Here’s more examples.

  1. At the Lobster Races in Aiken

You can see lobsters race in Aiken, SC. It’s a one-time event each year. On this day, dozens of lobsters try to crawl past each other to the finish line. If you arrive at the race in a police car, it would be the first time that someone has attracted more attention than the lobsters. Avoid getting a speeding ticket in South Carolina trying to get to the lobster races.

  1. Savannah River Nuclear Bomb Site

Aiken has another interesting tourist attraction. It’s another driving destination in South Carolina. There used to be a town called Ellenton, which was destroyed to make room for a nuclear reactor. The site is no longer used. Instead, it’s a museum. It will certainly be unusual if you get a speeding ticket in South Carolina while visiting a nuclear bomb plant.

  1. UFO Welcome Center in Bowman

There’s a large UFO model in front of a trailer in Bowman. UFO seekers can climb into it and explore. The owner will be inside. The structure has two sections, built on top of each other. It will certainly catch your attention when you drive by. It may distract you and lead to a speeding ticket in South Carolina.

  1. Laundromat with a Car on the Roof

There’s a laundromat in South Carolina with a car parked on the roof. It’s in Lugoff. The car represents the past history of the building, which used to be a Studebaker Building. If you aren’t careful while driving past it, you could get a speeding ticket in South Carolina.