Driving Tips for Tourists

Before you set out on your dream vacation, do a little planning. It could save you untold hardships and perhaps a speeding ticket in SC. Make reservations, get tickets, and get a toll pass before leaving. Here’s a few more suggestions.

Map out your route before leaving home

One of the best ways to avoid getting lost is by using a map. You can pinpoint your location and draw a line to the destination. Write out the roads you will need to take. If you have a navigation system or a smartphone, you can map the route on the screen. This is more convenient. The digital map can display speed limits and road closures. It’s the best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket in SC, and you won’t need to contact a traffic court lawyer.

Pack ice, cooler, snacks, and bottles

Another suggestion is to take a cooler with ice and water bottles. If you get lost, you won’t die from dehydration. Take a few bottles of water with you. Pack snacks as well. This bit of preparation will save your life. It may also prevent you from getting a speeding ticket in SC. There are some odd places in South Carolina. You don’t want to get pulled over in any of them. Stop and rest with a nice cool bottle of water and potato chips instead.

Use rest stops and welcome centers

The best place to rest is at a rest stop or welcome center. Rest stops have rest rooms, vending machines, benches, trees, walkways, and other pleasing amenities. Welcome Centers are just as inviting, and they have a few other things, such as information about the state, maps, and souvenir shops. It’s the best place to go when you are tired. By resting, you can avoid accidents. The most common of which is drifting. Avoid getting a speeding ticket in SC as well by stopping at a rest stop.