Protect Your Identity from Identity Thieves

Identity theft is a problem that many people are worried about. Identity theft in South Carolina is a top issue for law enforcement. You can reduce your chances of being a victim of identity theft by protecting your personal information.

Keep Credit Cards, Driver’s License, and Bank Cards Safe

One of the best sources of information is cards. They have your name, address, and account numbers. If someone steals your cards, they can buy things from a store. They can apply for permits and buy restricted items. The picture on the driver’s license won’t stop a smart identity thief from stealing your identity. They would dress up and disguise themselves to match the picture. By doing this, they can use it to get past security check points.

Shred Mail and Documents

Mail and documents have more information that gives identity thieves access to money. For example, pin numbers may be sent via mail. If you save the letter and it is stolen later, you should change the pin number right away. It could be used to access your account if the thief also has the bank card.

Social security numbers may be displayed on documents. With that, an identity thief could apply for a credit card, open a bank account, or apply for a mortgage. In these cases, the thief only needs your name and address, which could be obtained from your driver’s license or mail.

By shredding documents and letters, you reduce the risk of identity theft.

Use a Safe to Store Valuable Documents

If you have valuable documents, store them in a safe. A safe has a lock which is impossible to break. There’s no way an identity thief can get your personal information if it’s stored in a safe. This is an easy way to reduce the risk of identity theft in South Carolina.

Use the Internet Safely

When you use personal information on the Internet, you should take steps to ensure that your identity isn’t stolen. For example, you should check if the website has encryption. You should also check if your computer has an anti-virus program. Invest in one if it doesn’t. This is an easy way to prevent identity theft in South Carolina.

Another way to protect yourself on the Internet and reduce the risk of identity theft in South Carolina is by using a safe search tool. This will filter search results so that only safe websites are displayed. This will prevent you from clicking on websites with malware.

Another way to protect yourself on the Internet is by installing an ad blocker. This will prevent ads from displaying from unknown sources. This will reduce your risk of identity theft in South Carolina.