Don’t Get Stuck Driving Through South Carolina

If you are driving through the country and arrive in South Carolina, you may want to keep going. There’s a couple of things wrong with the state. There’s lots of crime, the kids are poorly educated, and the buildings are crumbling. You might need to hire a South Carolina attorney after experiencing the horrors of the state.

South Carolina’s Ugly Side

South Carolina is above the national median for several crime statistics. There are 185,945 crimes in South Carolina each year. If you are a victim of a crime, contact a South Carolina attorney. The crime rate per thousand residents is 37.98. The rate of violent crimes in South Carolina per thousand residents is 5.04. This is above the national median of 3.8. South Carolina has a higher assault rate (3.69) than the rest of the country (2.38). The property crime rate in South Carolina (32.93) is higher than the national average as well (26). Burglary and theft rates are higher than the national median as well. There are about 35 crimes per square mile, which is higher than the national median of 32.85.

If you are a victim of a crime, a South Carolina attorney can help you.

The Condition of Children in South Carolina

South Carolina is ranked 42nd for the well-being of children. This was the conclusion of the annual Kids Count survey. 27 percent of children in South Carolina live in poverty, while 59 percent of pre-school aged kids aren’t attending pre-school. 43% of kids in South Carolina live in single-parent homes.

These conditions make these kids susceptible to crimes. To lower the risk, South Carolina has early childhood development programs. In Florence County, teachers and social workers visit families with children aged 0 to 5 years old. They teach parents how to promote learning in the home.

By intervening early in their life, these children may avoid a fate that leaves them on the wrong side of the law. If you are assaulted by one of these kids, contact a South Carolina attorney.

The Abandoned Buildings

There’s so many abandoned buildings in South Carolina, the state passed a revitalization act in 2013. It is directed at empty store fronts. These buildings have been vacant for at least 5 years. The state is offering tax credits for investors that invest in these buildings.

Aside from stores, South Carolina is filled with abandoned buildings in the most remote parts of the state. These places can become hideouts for criminals and they can become a base to lure innocent victims. If you were lured into a place like this, contact a South Carolina attorney.