The Benefits of Social Security

Social Security is the safety net for Americans. The Rock Hill, SC social security office has applications for social security benefits. When Americans retire, they will be able to live off of the check that they receive from the government. There’s also social security disability, which protects citizens when they are injured or become disabled. In these situations, Americans can apply for social security earlier than retirement.

The Origins of the Social Security System

The Social Security Act was signed into law in 1935 by Franklin Roosevelt. It was designed to help people recover from the Great Depression. During this period, 50% of senior citizens were in poverty. Despite the benefits, some viewed social security as socialism. You can visit the Rock Hill, SC social security office and ask about it.

The first social security cards were issued in 1937. Nearly 20 million Americans got one. The first payment was for $0.17, which was made out to Ernest Ackerman. The minor children and spouse of retired workers became eligible for benefits in 1939. The first monthly payment from the social security system was made in 1940 to Ida May Fuller. It was for $22.54.

Programs Currently Available

There are several programs currently available to Americans. The Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OA SDI) program is one of them. You can apply for it at the Rock Hill, SC social security office. If you need assistance on a temporary basis, you can apply for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. If you are retired and need health insurance, you can apply for the Medicare, which is health insurance for the aged and disabled. There’s also health insurance for individuals below the retirement age. This is called Medicaid. This program gives grants to states for their medical assistance programs. It’s available to low-income citizens. There’s a separate health insurance program for children called SCHIP. One more program available to Americans is the Supplemental Security Income program. Visit the Rock Hill, SC social security office for details.

Living with Social Security

Since social security is a fixed payment, you have to manage your expenses wisely. You won’t get more money if you have new expenses. In 2008, the social security system paid out $615,344,000,000 to 50,898,244 people. Visit the Rock Hill, SC social security office to receive your share.

Social security gives retirees a life that is comfortable and rewarding. They can spend their elderly years relaxing. They can also spend their time doing things that are interesting to them.