What is a SC Traffic Ticket?

Even if you have just received your first SC speeding ticket, you will be surprised what a ticket lawyer can do for you, in such a case. A single traffic ticket can have carious effects and considerable financial consequences, depending on the offense you have committed. Or instance, some insurance firms may decide to raise your rates after you have received a speeding ticket. If you have recently received traffic citations, you should consider hiring a knowledgeable attorney. Basically, there are two main types of traffic tickets today:

  • Moving violations
  • Non-moving violations

You get a moving violation ticket of the offence was committed while the vehicle was in motion. Some of the moving violation traffic tickets include failing to signal a turn and an SC speeding ticket. The non-moving tickets are issued when the offence is committed by a stationary vehicle. Some of the non moving violations include having expired tags and parking your car in front of a fire hydrant. As such, traffic violation tickets fall into three main categories as explained below.

  1. Misdemeanour Violations

These are rather serious traffic violations, the kind that could see you spending a year in jail or paying up to $2,000 in fines, if found to be guilty. Additionally, most misdemeanour violations will also jeopardise your driving privileges for three to six months. If convicted of such violations, you will also find it hard to get insurance cover for your car from most of the insurance firms in the country. Rather than risk all this, you should consider hiring a qualified SC speeding ticket lawyer to argue your case out.

  1. Statutory/petty Infractions

This category of traffic infractions comprise of the comparatively simpler violations that carry no possibility for imprisonment. In most cases, the fine for such violations ranges between $80 and $400 or a mandatory time in traffic school, in other cases. Some of the petty infractions include running a red light, SC speeding ticket and making illegal lane changes.

  1. Felony Violations

As compared to the other categories mentioned above, felony charges are very serious. These come with a possibility of being imprisoned for more than a year and a criminal record. These include vehicular homicide, hit-and-run incidents, and repeat DUI violations in some states. In this regard, it is highly advisable to hire a good SC speeding ticket lawyer, if you are charged with such a traffic violation.