Who Should Be Held Accountable For Your Injuries Following a Public Transport Accident?

Will you need a Rock Hill attorney following an accident involving a public transport vehicle (PSV)? Better still, what should you do following the accident or who is responsible for the injuries you incurred during the accident? As common as public transport vehicle accidents are, fewer passengers know should be held accountable for the injuries they incur during such an accident. When it comes to recovering your compensation for the damages, these are some of the most complicated types of accidents today.

The problem, in this regard, is that multiple people have sustained injuries and your driver may be the one to blame for the occurrence or not. So, who is responsible for the injuries you sustain during an accident involving a public transport vehicle?

Ascertaining the Fault in the Accident

Any experienced Rock Hill attorney will tell you that it is important to first determine the fault for the accident involving a PSV before your try to recover any compensation from the responsible parties. Basically, South Carolina is a tort liability state. This means that you first need to prove that the other party is actually guilty as charged before seeking compensation form them. Owing to the complicated nature of such a claim, you should consider hiring a Rock Hill attorney who is experienced in such lawsuits.  Such a professional will help you prove that you are not the one to blame for the accident, through your own negligence or otherwise. To prove this, you will also need:

  • Police reports
  • Accident scene evidence
  • Witness reports

If you were a passenger in the involved PSV, this may be easier as there will be multiple people interested in helping you determine the fault.

So, Who Should Be Held Accountable?

In accidents involving public service vehicles, you can file a lawsuit against the company owning the vehicle involved in the accident. This is particularly for accidents involving taxis. For public buses, you can file a lawsuit against the carrier’s insurance firm, through your preferred Rock Hill attorney. Working with a knowledgeable attorney is advisable as the regulations for filing such claims may be a bit complicated for an ordinary person.