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5 Ways to Stay Safe at a Football Game


There are many football games that take place in York County. When you attend these games, things might get out of hand. There are a few ways to avoid confrontations. Here’s five tips for staying safe at a football game.

  1. Avoid Yelling at Other Parents

When you go to the football game, you have to consider the other parents that are there supporting their kids. If they are cheering for their kids, don’t try to out-shout them. In fact, don’t get into arguments with them. It will only ruin the experience of attending the football game. You won’t be able to focus on the game and you may have to move your seat. It’s not worth it.  You might need the services of lawyers in York County, SC before the game is over.

  1. Don’t Sit Near Unruly Teenagers

You should avoid unruly teenagers as well. They may ruin the game by yelling or throwing things. You might get into a fight as well. The best thing to do is sit somewhere else. If the teenagers approach you, the best thing to do is ignore them. If you don’t, you might need to contact lawyers in York County, SC by the end of the night.

  1. Don’t Cheer Too Loudly

Avoid shouting so loudly that it upsets the people around you. They might yell at you. Then, you will have to fight them. Someone might call the cops, and you could get arrested. Then, you will need the services of the lawyers in York County, SC. All this could be avoided if you cheered a bit more respectfully.

  1. Avoid Sitting Near the Aisle

If you sit near the aisle, you will be in close contact with everyone that is looking for a seat. They might bump into you or drop food on you. This could lead to a fight. The best way to avoid this scenario is by sitting somewhere else. Try the middle of the row or the far end. These seats are not in the path of attendees, so you won’t get in trouble. The lawyers in York County, SC will have to defend another poor soul.

  1. Park in a Well-Lit Area

After the game is over, you have to walk through the crowds to reach the parking lot. If the car isn’t visible, you might get lost and run into enemies. You might need the services of the lawyers in York County, SC if you have a confrontation in the parking lot. The best way to avoid this is by parking in a well-lit area that is easy to recognize. Record the location on your smartphone. You can also use an app to guide you from the football field to the car.