What is Proper Courtroom Etiquette?

In addition to having a good lawyer in South Carolina to represent and defend you, you will also be expected to show up in court, if you are facing a criminal charge. Just is the case in other countries, there is a particular way that you are supposed to behave and dress whenever you are in a court room in South Carolina. Rather than waiting for your lawyer in South Carolina to educate you on such, it is advisable to know the appropriate Courtroom Etiquette beforehand. Acting or dressing contrary to the stipulated code of conduct in a courtroom may cause the judge to think that you are disrespecting him or her or their courtroom, which then gives them a bad impression of you. So, how should you dress or conduct yourself in a courtroom?

The Appropriate Courtroom Dress Code

Although some of the leading lawyers in South Carolina area take time to educate their clients on the appropriate dress code to observe during their court appearances, you should take the initiative and educate yourself. The dress code is one of the often ignored aspects during court appearances, but can actually make or break your case. As such, you should make an effort to look smart and presentable. For instance, a nice outfit or a fresh haircut, coupled with a respectful attitude, will go a long way in painting a good impression in the judge’s mind. As such, you should avoid wearing such outfit as T-shirts and jeans to a courtroom or leaving your hair unattended to.

Appear in Your Best Behaviour

Even if you have been wrongfully arrested or for some reason think that the system is being unfair to you, you need to compose yourself and be on your best behaviour in the court. Other tips that can be of help, in this regard, include:

  • Arrive in time
  • Shut down your phone before entering the courtroom
  • Leave your kids at home
  • Always address the judge as ‘Your Honour’
  • Avoid laughing or smirking in the courtroom.

Any experienced lawyer in South Carolina can attest to the fact that being on the best of your behavior and respectful in a courtroom is very beneficial. It is highly advisable to remain calm and collected all through your court sessions.