Fort Mill Attorneys

If you are searching for Fort Mill attorneys with a proven history of competence and results, look no farther than The Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn, LLC. We not only take pride in getting results for our customers, but we also make it a matter of utmost importance that we develop a relationship of trust and commitment with each of our clients. Geoffry M. Dunn is a local criminal defense attorney in Fort Mill, SC, and he works with those throughout this region. We follow the golden rule, and it shows in the satisfaction expressed by our clients. We know that working within the court system may indicate that you are going through a difficult time, and we provide the sensitivity and confidentiality that you desire most. Contact us today to inquire about our legal services and how they can benefit you.

Local Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, we recognize the important and magnitude of the situation. No matter your situation, even a mere accusation can cause serious consequences that reach across multiple areas of your life. The Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn will work with you to address the charges you face so that you face as little disruption to your life and freedom as possible. We provide seasoned defense attorneys who know how to represent your side of the story and make your concerns viable before a judge and jury. We believe in giving every defendant a fair trial, and we work with all types of cases of varying degrees of severity. Our results in favor of our clients speak for themselves.

Social Security Attorney

The Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn, LLC are the best in the area with regards to getting you the social security disability that you deserve. If you are filing Social Security disability, the claims process can be lengthy, stressful, and quite often unfair. Confer with us, your long term disability attorney, as soon as possible so that we can expedite the process as much as possible. Initially your claim may be denied, so you will want to work with us throughout the process to ensure obtaining your benefits as quickly as you can. We take your medical records and use them to assist you in filing the claim so that the fact of your disability is not up for debate. You will find that our skill and finesse in this area is unmatched by any other long term disability lawyers in the Fort Mill, SC area.

Fairfield SC Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In addition to serving the Fort Mill, SC, area, we also take clients from the surrounding areas. Let the Law Offices of Geoffry M. Dunn, LLC, be your Fairfield, SC speeding ticket lawyers of choice. We have been practicing for a long time, and we know how to handle speeding tickets and represent clients in traffic court. When you are searching for traffic lawyers near me, we will always be your go-to office due to our proven record in quickly and efficiently handling your traffic court concerns. If you have received a traffic warrant or a felony DUI, we will work to represent your case before the traffic court. You do not want your ability to drive to hamper your ability to live out your dreams.