Is It a Misdemeanour or a Felony DUI South Carolina Charge?

If you are being investigated, in connection to a crime or are already facing a charge, you may not stop to think whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony DUI South Carolina charge that you are facing.  However, it is important for you to ascertain the nature of charge you are facing in order to be able to hire a DUI lawyer that is a best fit for your case.  Again, understanding the nature of case you are up against will also help you empower your case, if you are already up against the prosecution for an offense. So, how do you differentiate a misdemeanor from a felony DUI South Carolina offense?

  • Misdemeanor Offense

With regards to DUI offenses, you may think of the misdemeanor offenses as the comparatively minor crimes whose effect was only felt by a few people or caused a limited amount of damage. Since these are rather minor traffic crimes, they carry lighter penalties, as compared to felony DUI South Carolina offenses. However, do not think that the prosecution will not fight to land a conviction for your case, just because it is a misdemeanor case. Any type of case will have a certain amount of effect on your life, if not argued out properly. As such, it is advisable to hire a knowledgeable DUI lawyer for your misdemeanor case for the best results.

  • Felony DUI South Carolina Offense

A felony, regardless of the way you look at it, is a serious offense that carries a comparatively heavier punishment. For instance, felony DUI South Carolina crimes can send you behind bars for more than a year, if you are convicted of the wrong doing. Following conviction, some felonies are known to be punished by life in prison without parole. If you are facing this kind of a DUI charge, you really do need the help of a good felony DUI South Carolina lawyer to battle it out for a more lenient punishment, if convicted.