What Type of Criminal Offense Attorney Should You Hire?

Since criminal statutes vary from one state to another, you should first confirm the type of offense you are facing in order to understand the type of criminal offense attorney you will need. The lawmakers in your state are charged with the responsibility of determining the category any particular offense falls into as well as the magnitude of punishment it should carry. To determine this, the lawmakers will consider such aspects as the severity of the offense as well as the circumstances, under which the wrong-doing took place. Mentioned below are the main categories of offenses in South Carolina.

  • Infractions

These are less severe wrong-doings that may be punished by fine and can never convict the wrong-doer to a jail time. Some of the commonest infractions in the country include parking violations and speeding.

  • Felonies, You will Need a Good Criminal Offense Attorney

These are the most severe criminal offences in the state today; hence carry the heaviest punishments for the convicted offenders. Some of the commonest felonies today include causing a bodily injury to another person; cause a person’s death and some white-collar criminal schemes. Though these may be further sub-divided into other sub-categories, they are very serious charges and should be handled by a knowledgeable criminal offense attorney for the best results.

  • “Felonies” Prosecuted Under Federal Law

Though rare, there are cases when certain federal statutes may impose a restriction(s) on a person who has been convicted of a felony before. For a better clarification of this category of crimes, you should consult with your criminal offense attorney today.

  • Misdemeanours

These are comparatively less serious, as compared to felonies. However, misdemeanor offenses still carry the possibility of a jail term, of up to a year. Alternatively, convicted defaulters of misdemeanor offenses will be fined a few hundred dollars for their crimes. As such, you still need to hire an experienced criminal offense attorney for misdemeanor cases.