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5 Scary Places in South Carolina


If you visit South Carolina, beware of scary places. This list contains five scary places to avoid. If you like a scary evening, then pick one of these places to visit and put your life in the hands of fate.

  1. Lunatic Asylum

There’s a lunatic asylum in South Carolina that will scare the hell out of you. It was built between 1822 and 1827. It’s located in Columbia. If your friends leave you there, you might be legally entitled to compensation for your traumatic experience. An attorney in South Carolina can help you file a lawsuit.

  1. Admiral’s House

The Admiral’s House, which is located on Charleston Naval Base, is haunted. At night, you can see a slave girl in the shrubs. This house was built in 1905.

  1. Crybaby Bridge

In Anderson, there’s a bridge called the Crybaby Bridge. If you travel across it at night, you might hear the cries of a baby or see the ghost of the mother trying to find the baby on the bridge. The experience is so traumatic, you might sue the county for poor bridge maintenance. An attorney in South Carolina can help you in this legal endeavor.

  1. Cypress Garden Ruins

Set pieces from the filming of a movie (The Patriot) were left in Monck’s Corner. People that walked by the ruins have reported hearing and feeling strange things. The swamp makes the scene more unnerving. To receive compensation for this experience, start by contacting an attorney in South Carolina.

  1. Hell’s Gate/Oakwood Cemetery

The most haunted place in South Carolina is a cemetery in Spartanburg. It is known locally as Hell’s Gate. To the rest of the world, it is Oakwood Cemetery. In this place, cell phones don’t work during the day. At night, there are orbs and white mist. The laughter of children is heard as well. If you are traumatized by the experience, contact an attorney in South Carolina to see if any of your rights have been violated.