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5 Ways Cameras Have Influenced the World


Cameras are everywhere. There’s one on your smartphone and laptop. There’s also a camera on the latest gaming console, and some smart TVs also have a camera built-in. There are cameras on street corners, in stores, on highways, in cars, and now there’s cameras on police officers. All this surveillance has an effect on society. Here’s five ways cameras have influenced the world.

  1. Cameras Take Away Privacy

If cameras are filming everything, then there isn’t any privacy. Everything you do might be viewed by a stranger. If you are aware that there’s a camera recording everything you do, you might alter your behavior to avoid any embarrassment or legal consequences. You might also change your behavior to avoid crossing a moral line that binds you. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is, cameras ultimately take away privacy.  If you feel violated by cameras, you might be able to get justice by filing a lawsuit. An attorney in SC can help you with this.

  1. Cameras Capture Evidence

Cameras record events as they happen. This can be used as evidence in court. The police can review the video to find suspects. If you are caught on camera, there’s very little you can do to dispute the evidence. You can try to explain your actions, but you will probably need an attorney in SC to defend you in court.

  1. Cameras are Deterrents

Cameras prevent people from doing things. On the highway, speed cameras prevent people from speeding. Cameras at toll booths capture people that drive away without paying toll; the driver is more likely to pay the toll if they see a camera. Cameras also deter thieves from stealing. Place cameras on your property to deter home invasions. You can consult an attorney in SC regarding the legality of recording people.

  1. Cameras Provide a Means of Living

A camera can be used to take pictures and those pictures can be sold. A lot of people are able to make a living as a photographer. Video cameras record events, and this footage can be used to make movies or documentaries. Lots of people earn money by uploading videos to the Internet. YouTube is a popular video sharing website. If your videos get a lot of view, you could earn a lot of money through advertising. You can consult an attorney in SC regarding the legality of making money by recording people.

  1. Cameras are a Means of Communication

Some people use cameras to communicate with other people. The pictures and videos they film have messages. It could be direct messages that directly address the recipient, or the messages could be symbolic and have to be de-coded. Some messages might be illegal. Consult an attorney in SC for more information.