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5 Ways to Protect Your Property During a Tropical Storm


When a tropical storm is approaching your town, get ready for it. You can board up the windows and place sandbags around the house. The goal is to protect the interior from water and wind. Here’s five steps to take to protect your property.

  1. Lock the Doors

Locking the doors is the best way to prevent a gust of wind from blowing it open. The deadbolt will also prevent a tree branch from pushing the door open. As long as the door remains locked, it will protect the house through the storm. The locked door will also stop thieves from entering the home. Ask a criminal lawyer for advice if you have to deal with property loss.

  1. Board Up the Windows

Windows are a vulnerable part of the house. The windows can be broken by flying debris during a storm. The best way to prevent this from happening is by nailing wooden boards over the windows. The wood will protect the glass from flying branches. It will also protect the glass from high speed winds and hail.

  1. Use a Safe Deposit Box

If there’s an evacuation order in your town, the best way to protect the valuables in the home is by storing them in a safe deposit box. The safe will protect the valuables from the elements and from any thieves that try to break into the home. If thieves do break into the home during the storm, they won’t risk carrying away a heavy safe deposit box. For advice on missing property, ask a criminal lawyer.

  1. Store Valuables in a Public Storage Unit

Another place to store valuables is in a public storage unit. You can rent a storage unit and store your property in it. It will be protected from the storm. The items will be safe from thieves as well, but if there’s a problem at the storage unit, such as missing items, you can ask a criminal lawyer for advice. After the storm has left, you can move the items from the public storage unit to your house.

  1. Place Sandbags Around the House

To protect the home from flooding, place sandbags around it. The best way to do this is by placing a row of sandbags around the door. You can place another row of sandbags at the sidewalk. If this leads to a dispute with neighbors or a violent confrontation, ask a criminal lawyer for legal advice.