The Questions You Should Ask Your Insurer Following a Car Accident

Have you been injured in a car accident in South Carolina recently? If yes is your answer, you need to understand that your best interests following an accident may not be in accordance with the objectives of your insurance firm. When this happens, you will find yourself in need of qualified Rock Hill lawyers.

For instance, the driver who caused your accident, commonly referred to as the at-fault driver, may not have a valid driver’s liability insurance cover at the time of the accident. In such a case, you should seek for compensation from your own insurer, which may they may not be ready to do and if they are willing to compensate you, they will want to settle for the least possible compensation. In such a case, you main objective should be to get a favourable financial compensation form the insurance firm. Before hiring Rock Hill lawyers to battle it out for you, you should ask your insurer the following questions:

  1. Are They Recording Your Conversation with You?

In most cases, insurance providers ask drivers who have been involved in car accidents to give them recorded statements. If this is the case, you should not record your statement before consulting with knowledgeable Rock Hill lawyers on the subject. Other insurers tend to record your phone calls and then use it as evidence, in a bid to reduce the amount they will be required to compensate you for the accident. As such, you should first ask them whether they are recording your conversation before anything else.

  1. What Information Do They Need from You?

Following an accident, it is advisable to give the insurance provider accurate and precise information, regarding the accident. When calling your insurance agent, you should have a pen and a paper to write down the kind of information you will be required to give to the insurance firm. In most cases, this will include documents, videos and photos taken immediately after the accident, the licence plate number of the involved vehicle(s), model year and make of your car, insurance information and the names of witnesses to the accident, if any.

Regardless of the information you have been asked to submit, you should first consult with your preferred Rock Hill lawyers before submitting it.