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5 Places to Visit in South Carolina


The next time you go on vacation, visit South Carolina. There’s lots to see and do in this state. The following list contains five attractions. Go to one or all five and enjoy yourself. Leave the legal stuff to attorneys in Rock Hill, SC.

  1. Boardway at the Beach

This is a large outdoor entertainment center. There’s restaurants, stores, and live entertainment. One of the most interesting attractions is WonderWorks. It is an upside down building with 100 hands-on exhibits. At one of the exhibits, you can experience hurricane-force winds. There’s simulated fighter jets and NASA space shuttles. You can’t pretend to be an attorney in Rock Hill, SC, however.

  1. Patriots Point

If you like the Navy, visit Patriots Point. There’s a retired Naval aircraft carrier, destroyer, and a submarine. On display is the USS Yorktown, USS Laffey, and USS Clamagore. It is located at Charleston Harbor. If you are traveling here from across the state and need legal advice, contact the attorneys at Rock Hill, SC.

  1. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Visit the historic house at Magnolia Plantation. The gardens on this estate attract many visitors each year. It is situated on the Ashley River. The house was constructed in 1676. The gardens were improved in the mid 1800s. According to legend, the owner improved the gardens to lure a women from Philadelphia. If you need legal advice on such matters, contact the attorneys in Rock Hill, SC.

  1. Brookgreen Gardens

There are outdoor sculptures and exhibits of wildlife at Brookgreen Gardens. It is located south of Murrells Inlet. There are about 1445 sculptures. There’s also a castle located near U.S. route 17. It’s called Atalaya Castle. It has a square tower that housed a 3,000 gallon water tank. There are 30 rooms and a small, enclosed courtyard. If you trip and fall here, you might be legally entitled to compensation. Contact the attorneys in Rock Hill, SC for more information.

  1. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

There’s a 187-foot tall Ferris wheel at Myrtle Beach. It is the second tallest extant Ferris wheel in North America. There are 42 gondolas on this Ferris wheel. Each one is enclosed and temperature-controlled. Up to six people can fit in one gondola. It is open year-round.